If you are here, we are certain you are looking for a training partner and we hope to be your preferred choice. Corporate growth begins with an honest look at your people and their desires. What we provide is customised coaching for dynamic team transformation!

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This is brutal, but we will not be able to make progress unless we face up to our fears!


Yes, we can have fun, but we are also here to learn to be winners so, bring it!


Immersion Learning is at its best when the experience is extremely entertaining!


Enough with the theories and the books, and let's get to work!

"Brutally honest and extremely captivating. I was a skeptic for such courses, but Gabriel has made a believer out of me. His approach is simple, very personal and surprisingly humble."

- Wai Leng, Director, Citibank

"I attended his seminar here in India. Never before have I seen some of the things he did during our one-day program. I really want this more in India and for Indian sports as well."

— C R Vishwanathan, Chairman of Football Federation India

"Gabe and I got along very well. I told him that for the past eight years, our training experience was bad and he laughed at us. And then he turned it on. It was the best leadership experience our group of regional directors ever had. It was amazing."

— Thornton, American Express Australia
Our team

Yes, our coaching team has been around for a while and we have coached close to 45,000 people around the world in almost 70 different firms. We are proud of this but we know we can do better. Coaching teams is a magical feeling and getting results for your partners is more than just icing on the cake.

We have seen training reduced to pure fun and games these days and we will not represent that. We only want to work with serious leaders who have concrete goals to achieve and teams who believe that training helps. But not to worry; it will be fun too!

Head Coach - Gabriel Suppiah
Gabriel Suppiah

Head Coach a.k.a. Coach Gabe combines an amazing sense of humour with a serious touch on life. He has been through many ups and downs and constantly drives himself to be better every day. He loves sports and is a devoted father of two. His training is intense as he approaches his partners like he approaches his own team. He is a trained engineer who is also a certified motivational coach, NLP practitioner and peak performance specialist.

Irene Lim
Irene Lim

Irene has over a decade of experience in the highly intensive and demanding advertising industry. She has worked with clients in various industries in creating the best experiences for their customers and users. Precision and process are her focus in our training programmes. With her keen listening and analytical skills, she identifies subtle differences between needs and wants and coaches her clients to take the right action for the best results.

Craig Cooper
Craig Cooper

With over 15 years experience in sales, team leading and business consulting within the technology industry, Craig leads our business training segment. Highly motivated, he brings an immense level of experience in selling to the executive suite. Why do executives buy? He provides valuable insight into the mind of the high-flying decision maker and shows you how to build on your current sales framework to leverage this power play in your day-to-day sales engagements.

Junior Trainers
Junior Trainers

Depending on the size of the group and we try to keep it below 50 for the best outcomes, we engage the right personnel to assist us in our programs.

Our esteemed client - Manulife
Our esteemed client - Prudential
Our esteemed client - DBS Bank
Our esteemed client - Citibank
Our esteemed client - UOB Bank
Our esteemed client - American Express
Training works magic when you embrace it
Don't Come To Us If You Are Not Ready For It
Corporate Training Partner Leadership Programs

Putting a team together is a hard thing to do; leading them to greatness is a different challenge altogether. The world is getting tougher, but winners embrace the challenge and give it their all for their team to succeed. Leader or coach, we want our people to succeed and when they do, our team wins; the organisation wins.

Corporate Training Partner Team Building Programs
Team Building

This is the biggest challenge in any team, and is also the refection of a successful organization. It is the people who make a winning team, so how do you build one? What are the knowns and unknowns? What makes a winning team that can take the organization to the next level?

Corporate Training Partner Personal Coaching

Success does not come from what you understand and define alone; it comes from WILLPOWER. What WILL you do to attain what most only read and dream about? How much do you have to sacrifice and how hard is it going to be? Why have you not done it yet? Find your answers today.

Come experience the madness behind our methods
Our Programs
The Ultimate Peak Performance Experience

As a team we want to set the record straight before we proceed any further.

  • We only work with teams who come to us in groups of 50 or less, unless it is a keynote event.
  • We stay away from ropes courses unless completely necessary.
  • We recommend you do the programs in a resort or resort island of some sort.
  • Recommended duration is 2 to 3 days.
  • It will be demanding physically, emotionally and mentally. Is there an age limit? No. A 79-year-old man has gone through our program and come out on top, so need we say more?

We specialise in Leadership and Team Building programs and have worked mostly with banks and other corporate teams that are marketing and sales driven. We know it is hard to build teams and that's why the entire third party perspective becomes so much more important.

There is a leader in everyone but not everyone can truly lead. It is a journey filled with pitfalls and barriers and as a leader, you cannot just find a way out for yourself but for another 40 people you are leading. What you see, they must see too!

  • You must learn to rally your troops.
  • You need to know your immediate team mates inside out and drive the best out of them.
  • You have to keep the ship steady even in the most turbulent times.
  • What does positive communication really mean?
  • Build commitment!

As leaders, you know this is not easy, and we live in challenging enough times as it is, but always learn to view things from a different perspective.

Building a team that you can trust and commit to is a challenge known to many great leaders. You are on that path and the challenges are universal, albeit with some new ones evolving along the way. Rally your troops to see what you see and achieve what you want to achieve.

  • Understand your team mates, all of them, if possible.
  • Build a culture in your team and make it special and unique.
  • Be clear as to what you want to achieve and be strict on the timeline.
  • Understand the psychology of how your team mates can drive each other.
  • Never allow the mood to take control of the outcome. Always have something up your sleeve.

A well-conducted team building program can help the leader set the direction for the quarter or even the year. This is one of the best investments you can make as a good company.

Wow, do not get us started on this. People who come through our doors seem to know more about coaching than we do. Why? Because they have attended all the programs in the world, that's why. They know every performance psychology theory. So what is preventing them from moving forward? It all boils down to the the WILL.

There comes a point where you have to ask yourself, "What WILL you do?" The real learning happens when you begin this journey and that is when you need a coach. Let us try and explain this better: If you are under the perception that you can become the world's greatest golfer just by reading books, getting membership, buying clubs and watching other golfers, good luck to you. YOU HAVE GOT TO PLAY THE GAME. You need to engage a coach only when you are ready to play the game. Ok, that settles it.

We have a coaching series called "No Guts No Glory". Well, the title pretty much says it all. Bring your WILL when you come see us. You might ask, "If I have the WILL, why do I need you?" I have two answers for you.

  • If you feel you do not have the WILL, it is really serious. We will explain when you are here.
  • When you have the WILL and are ready to begin the journey, you will need a coach to identify the possible pitfalls. This either helps you away from it or at least ready yourself for it.

Well, we hope you now know the importance of a coach. No Guts No Glory!

No guts no glory!
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